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: Okay so... I'm trying to link my visa gift card to my new paypal account but it keeps saying "We're sorry, but that credit card can't be linked to additional PayPal accounts. Please link a different credit card." I have removed the card from my old account but it still won't link to my new one. I tried to re-link it to my old account and that worked fine but it won't link to my new account and I need it there.
If it doesn't accept 'gift cards' then why was I able to add it to my old account just a few minutes ago...
Yes I thought that too Merry, so I decided to 'close my old account' but the paypal still doesn't accept it. When I tried contacting about it.. I keep getting 'enter last 4 valid digits of card' but my card isn't linked so it won't send the email :/

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: another person who cannot read-paypal does not accept gift cards never has nor does it accpet prepaid cards
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: In general, it's best not to try to use pre-paid cards on PayPal. Here is an answer from their website:

"In the United States, PayPal allows Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards with an American billing address.

Other than the Green Dot MoneyPak prepaid debit card, PayPal does not recommend adding a gift card, prepaid card, virtual card, or one-time use card to your PayPal account. Although some of these cards may be accepted, most do not pass their security checks."

It might be different in Canada. You're not allowed to have more than one PayPal account. I'm guessing you're using different names/information to be able to do that?

The fact that you took the card off of your old account must not delete it from PayPal's "memory". Their system realizes that that particular card belongs to one account and it seems that it's not going to allow you to use it on another (my guess would be because they're assuming that your new account is for a different person).

I would contact PayPal directly and ask for help with this.
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