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: I rented a car for one week using a company on line. I picked up the car in Italy but when I showed the documents I had printed they told me that the insurance I had purchased was not valid. I was asked to pay an extra 170 for the insurance plus 100 for petrol for one week. It was early in the morning and I was tired so I agreed. I gave them my credit card and although they asked me to sign I forgot to do so and they didn't realise that I hadn't. As far as I know the insurance that I bought on line was valid. They did provide me with an invoice for the above amount

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: You can always dispute the credit card bill. You will lose the dispute since I assume they have your signature on the rental contract.
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: I use my credit card all the time without signing for my purchases.
Good luck in your fight.
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: Did they run the credit card through a machine for authorization or use a knuckle-buster?

If they used a knuckle-buster, the bank may refuse the transaction.

If it was swiped / entered into a virtual terminal, then probably nothing will happen. If you contest it, they will probably give them the other information / signed contract
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: Unless reported by you for a misuse all the liability lies on you. I tell you one small word. I deceive one and someone deceives me. That's the law of nature.
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