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: Which option is better? Virtual credit card or alternativedvd (which is like ebay or amazon)?
Should I buy a game from alternativedvd, which is kinda like ebay and amazon. Or should I buy online from bestbuy.

If I buy from alternativedvd, than it takes a week or so to get it delivered. I dont want to wait that long.

If I buy from bestbuy than I can pick it up very fast in stores. BUT bestbuy doesn't take paypal, which is the only payment method I have. The only way for me to pay from paypal is through Virtual Credit card (VCC). But is it safe to use virtual credit card? And does it work? Also, bestbuy will ask to bring my credit card at the store when i go pick it up. Since it is virtual credit card I can't get it to the store.

Please someone help me.
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: Hi. Well i an user of ebay but look at the rating on the user and how long has it been since the last negative and what's it about & how many if it been over 10 in the last 6 months there always a risk thought on it i would say Best buy and have it shipped BUT its a wait . And the problem about the virtual credit card , Well try calling best buy help line and just ask...But of you still want to use ebay try it sister site (Half .com) you may find a even better deal 80% of the time but you have to be ready to get it ok.Then amazon is also a very good alternate site. AS for the virtual card it does work but you have to be very careful about some sites but if it through paypal and it does not involved retyping any card information it fine!^^ But after you buy check you statements for three -to five days after trans action to make sure there no hidden charges ok^^ Good LUCK!^_-
P.S also try barns and noble or just do a yahoo search and compare^^
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