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: I used my moms credit card to buy some stuff over the internet. Virtual money.. If i tell her i will die. The account needs verification but if i get another card( they are selling instant paypal money cards like u pay 10 $ and the 7-11 guy puts iit on a card and then u upload card into paypal and the paypal has 10$ on it.) If i was to get a card to pay for what i bought would the money go to what i bought 2 months ago? Im just tryin to get myself out of this my mom would kill me.

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: If your paypal account is in the negative, then yes putting money into the account will bring the balance back to zero.

If you let the account stay negative, your mom will find out because the account will be turned over to a 3rd party debt collector.

Open another paypal account, go directly to the cards website and register your name and address to the card before adding it to the paypal account. Then send the money from the new paypal account to the old account via gift, send more then is owed one of the accounts will have to pay for the fees that paypal will charge on the "gift".
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: You "think" you are smarter than your mother and can get out of this.
Unfortunately, for you, you are wrong.
Your mother checks her statements and PayPal account and will know something is amiss.
Then, she will make a beeline for your room.
Since you think you are going to *die* ( a bit dramatic ) I would hope you have a nice eulogy written.
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