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: I spend a lot of time at the computer. I spend a few hundred dollars a month on all my subscriptions, games and what not. I figured i would have one debit card for online charges since ive seen my mom go thru over 4 credit cards in one year. I then have another debit card that i use at my local stores.

Most of my money is spent online so ive almost completely stopped using the other card.

Its been 6 months and i now have to change my credit card number a 2nd time. I wouldnt have a problem with this, if visa/bank of america would tell me what company let my credit card number get out. I think its just wrong that they cant disclose any info to me. How am i supposed to know what companies i can trust?
I asked the person who i called to replace my card, what i should do to prevent this from happening again. They had no advice, so i figured i would hopefully not run into this problem again.

I finally memorized my credit card number about a week ago, and now i have to get another. Im just gonna go do what i did last time, which is give my credit card number to the millions of sites i pay for. And for all i know, in under 6 months ill have to do this all over again.

Why wont they tell me what company let my credit card get in the wrong hands? And are there any other credit card companies you would recommend over my current one? Im sick of doing this and dont want to have to do it again.

All the sites i pay for are big companies. I dont give my credit card out to any indie game companies or any websites that arent backed by a big company. For example, sony online entertainment, disneys toontown, paypal, and amazon.
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: there are hackers all the time attempting to get into peoples computers, some are from overseas and because those are then that's why your bank can't tell you who got your card number(s). Start with getting better security on your computer. The internet isn't as secure as people lead you to believe. If you lost money the bank is supposed to reimburse you if it's a credit card. I don't know what they do about debit cards though. Other times hackers get into the bank or credit card company's database and steal the card numbers. Things are kept quiet until those who did it get caught.
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: I would say the better part of this is for you to get up off your dead rear and do something

construxtive there for a need to cut that mouse cord and start moving around

and quit watching excited electrons moving rapidly about some boob tube. You shoul've been

shut off long ago......way too much idle time there....lets get that habit broken now
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: Why would BofA know who hacked your credit card number.
Why do you think that the hacker has anything to do with "your credit card number" - most hackers just use formulas to guess card numbers, not actually get it from a bad purchase.

BofA has virtual cards. That is the best option to eliminate the risk of your card getting hacked online. There may be a fee for this card. You have a "card number" but when you make transactions online you use a unique number that is just valid for that single transaction.
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