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: Can I use my Visa to pay my MasterCard and vice versa?

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: Illegal? That's just ridiculous. Stupid yes. Illegal no.
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: It isn't illegal but most credit card companies now a days (from my experience) only allow you to pay your bill by check or checking account. Some CC companies provide cash advances but the interest rate is insane.
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: You probably think you can make out fine using the float. You won't.

You can use a balance transfer to transfer the bill from one credit card to another, but you cannot use a credit to pay off a balance. And you will usually pay a transfer fee.

This really gets you a one time transfer. And if you think you can take out many different credit cards, and continually use a balance transfer, that will ruin your credit score, and eventually your credit rating.
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: No you cannot use one credit card to pay the bill of another. You cannot use your Visa to pay your MasterCard or vice versa. You need to pay your credit card bill by check or online bill payment from a checking, savings, or money market account. If you do not have enough funds to pay your Visa or MasterCard bills, then you have serious financial problems and should stop using your cards as soon as possible. Transferring your debt from one card to another only helps your debt last longer.
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: well i would have to say its not illegal

i did this 1 or 2 times with my Home line of credit due to a cash shortfalls to pay off my visas and MasterCard's then paid my line of credit but all those cards and my line of credit were in the 3.00% to 9.99% APR on cash and purchases

i would not do this if your rates are high and only if you in a cash shotfall and you might be paying fees to do this and your banks might not like it once they find out your not really paying your debits but moving them around and could hurt your credit
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: It is not illegal, but it is EXPENSIVE to do this.


Because, you would have to go to the ATM and take a cash advance off of one card to pay the other. Credit card companies do not accept credit cards as a payment method. You can only use your bank account or debit card to do this. Once you take that cash advance, you are being charged a higher interest rate than you would for purchases, (usually 29% or higher) and you are charged a fee of up to 6% of the amount you just withdrew.

So, no, it isn't illegal, but it is a dumb way to pay your bills.
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: Technically it falls under kiting regulations so yes. However as long as you do not do this month after month after month it is not a problem other then you will incur cash advance fees all the way
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: No, it's generally called a balance transfer. Where you can transfer a balance from a higher interest card to a credit card with a lower interest. I wouldn't make it a habit though.
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: Not illegal, no. Though most credit card companies won't accept another card as a form of payment. They don't want to give the interest income to anyone else.
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