Credit Cards Key » CreditCard Types » Visa Card » Where can I buy online a instant/e-card Visa/Mastercard/American Express Gift Card using Paypal?

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: Trying to find a way of using Paypal funds to buy a online/instant gift card that I can immediately use on Amazon
Once again I am looking for a gift card not a pre-paid card. Thanks

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: amazon doest use paypal paypal
altghough walmart does sell prepaid visa and amex but not instant and they take
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: Try Walmart. They accept paypal so you may be able to purchase a visa gift card through their website BUT it wont be instant you will have to get it shipped to you.
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: amazon does not accept prepaid cards either so you are wasting your time. The problem with prepaid and gifts are holds if your order is $50 and you have a $50 card the hold will take the $50 and unless it is release by the time your order is ready to ship which 99% of the time it is not the card will be rejected for the sale. You need 2 times the purchase amount. Also most online site do not accept prepaid or gift cards at all
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